About Us

This is a page about us. Not just us in here, but you out there.
Together.... we need to become one far bigger US.
Now back to us....we are a husband and wife team of graphic artists from Philadelphia, "The City of Brotherly Love".  One day over our morning coffee, we got to talking about the irony of being from a city known for love, yet our country becomes more divided each day.
No matter what our skin color, gender, sexual preference, social status, religious beliefs or political views, we should all remember that we are one country, in which everyone’s interests must be considered. After all, wouldn't it  be great if we could move forward, by finding ways to communicate and cooperate with one another?
But.....what could we do about it?
Being accustomed to communicating our thoughts through the power of art, we decided to create the Divided Equals Zero graphic.
It is our hope that the  Divided Equals Zero unity symbol (also our logo), might come to represent the belief and hope of a more united America, one filled with mutual respect, compassion, empathy and love.
To work on making our dream of American unity a reality, we opened our Divided Equals Zero Unity Shop. Through the power of impactful graphic messages displayed on cool comfy clothing, unique accessories and thoughtful gifts, we strive to communicate messages of love and acceptance. And...while we are at it, we are making sure to give back to our fellow Americans in need of food.
BTW.....every product is custom designed and printed in the USA.
So back to the dream.....
We really hope that you will join us in our effort to spread the positive message of hope, love, respect and acceptance.
Alone we are just two voices. Together we can become a trend!
John & Doreen Lester
Divided Equals Zero and the Divided Equals Zero logo are registered trademarks and may not be copied or reproduced in any form without written permission.