United We Are One

Are you tired of all the hate and division in our country? Do you believe in the power of US together?  We do, and that's why we created the "Divided Equals Zero" brand.

By wearing or displaying the "DEZ"  symbol of unity,  you are supporting the belief that a positive change in mindset toward a more inclusive and kind American community is a loving goal to strive for.

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Every item purchased from our store encourages Unity and Kindness, while helping to feed our hungry fellow Americans. Our Pet collections benefit shelter animals. If this sounds like something you are into, we hope that you will join us in our mission of kindness, so that together we will make a difference! 

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One Nation Under Love
Hate Does Not Live Here
Wear this hoodie as a resistance to hate. Love unites us all. United we stand. Divided we fall.
Love Unites Heart
Choose Decency
Open Heart
Peace Sign
Kind Words
Build Bridges Not Walls
Brotherly Love Sisterly Love
Purr More Hiss Less
More Wags Less Barks
USA Hearts

Each and every product is designed and custom printed in the USA.

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Bring US Together
One Nation
American Unity Symbol
USA Hearts
Love of Country
Patriotic Symbols
Forward Thinking
Divided Country
One Nation Under Love

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