As you might gather from our website, I am the guy who helps. Full disclosure, we are a husband and wife team over here but as for me, yea, I'm that guy.
The other day we went to a very nice small Italian restaurant here in Philadelphia called Fiorino (try it if you're nearby and can get in...well worth it). The image on my post is the colorful steps that lead to it's entrance. As we sat finishing up our meal, the restaurant was beginning to fill up with the arriving dinner patrons, many of whom were elderly. As one party came in, one of the last of them to arrive was an older woman with a walker. Now, being that guy, then helpful one, I had to get up and assist.
My cousin and I went out and each got a side to help her up the steps. She was giggly and very happy for our assistance, just the kind of reward we helpfuls are always hoping to get. So she's up and back on level ground and we're saying our goodbyes when we hear someone else coming behind us. As we turn around, we see another arriving patron, this time an elderly lady in a wheel chair. What the hell? Where is THIS going? Nonetheless we turn too and lift her up the steps and in. Equally jocular; equally satisfying but for the worry of the patron soon to arrive strapped to a gurney with IV's.
OK...Thank God that did not happen. But such is the fate of the helpful. Always looking for the satisfaction of meeting random people and helping them however we can. Divided Equals Zero, y'all. Living it and loving it. :)


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