Joe Biden Launches His Presidential Campaign In Philly!

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Joe and Jill Biden received a warm welcome from "The City of Brotherly Love" yesterday,  during the launch of Joe's Presidential campaign.

This was a sort of homecoming for Jill, as she is a self proclaimed "Philly Girl". Joe was born in Scranton and raised in Delaware (a neighboring state). To add to the excitement, Joe has chosen Philadelphia as his campaign headquarters! Yay Philly!

As I stood for hours in the sun waiting with enthusiasm to get a glimpse of our former Vice President, I was particularly encouraged by the size and diversity of the crowd. There are a lot young people in our country who are genuinely excited about Joe Biden becoming our next President! I have to be honest, I was really surprised because I thought his fans would be much older. Obviously, I knew nothing!

As it turns out, it's not about age at all,  It's about being an American and wanting to feel good about our country again. It's about being tired of all of the hate, division and negativity. Joe Biden is a bright light during our darkest days. His message of unity and inclusiveness makes us feel hopeful about our future once again.

Joe's motto is "To Stop Fighting And Fix It". He reminded us of his  successful experience negotiating with Republicans in order to get things done, while in Washington, D.C.  He spoke about the need for compromise, in order to work on the many other issues we face as a country such as, climate change, clean energy, jobs, racism, women's rights, healthcare, education, fixing our crumbling infrastructure and working with our foreign allies, to name a few.

Joe Biden's vision for America is a "United America", full of hope and accomplishment for every American. Now, isn't that refreshing?


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